Nils "nilsemann" Solli
Troubadour, oneman band and singer of irish songs.
Nils plays guitars, mandolin and sings on stage, performances
done pure acoustic, or with prerecorded backingtracks depending on
the setting of the gig.

Nils performs mostly in the south eastern parts of Norway, but who knows, if the offer comes, he just might show up in your neck of the woods too.

Nils has recorded a maxi cd-single thats available from our SALES page, and also has
several digital singles available from Amazon and iTunes. 

Nils can be heard on the "All Irish" radio, the "Highlander radio" and the "Irish music-Jim Larkin" radio.
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Nils "nilsemann" Solli, contact me by e-mail or by phone +4797506851 Opstadveien 43, N-1719 GreŚker Norway

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