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Nilsemann, a 100% DIY multimusician, songwriter and producer.  Nils has been perfoming music since 1988 at venues all over the south eastern parts of Norway, and Sweden.  He has been in a couple of duo and trio settings,  but has now settled as a solo act, ​continuously releasing new music and honing his songwriting and video skills  

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About Me

Nilsemann, a 100% DIY musician, songwriter and producer.  Nils plays guitars, bass, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, piano, drums, lapsteel, keyboards.
No midi or karaokefiles, real music, real craft
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Spilleplan 2023 / upcoming gigs 2023

13+14 januar Lille Dragen Fredrikstad
18 febr Mariannes Skien 
17/3 Onkel Thor (St Patricks dag) Vestfossen
7+8 april (påske) Lille Dragen Fredrikstad
24 juni St Hansfest privat, Gjøvik
30 juni Lille Dragen ​Fredrikstad
1 juli Lille Dragen ​Fredrikstad
18+19 august, Farmen Syltefjord Båtsfjord
1 sept, skriustøl festivitas Hemsedal
22+23 september Lille Dragen ​Fredrikstad
3+4 november Lille Dragen Fredrikstad
15+16 desember Lille Dragen ​Fredrikstad